"Working with Anne has been life changing!

After years of unsuccessful diets, weight gain, and shame, I left our first session feeling relieved, respected, and hopeful. From the beginning, Anne made it clear that she knew I was capable of developing a healthy relationship with food and reaching a healthy weight. Her confidence in me made a huge difference. She also helped me realize that I was depriving my body of healthy nutrients and then compensating for these feelings of deprivation by bingeing, a cycle I had been stuck in for years. Anne helped me end this cycle by teaching me to create filling, satisfying meals and snacks and encouraging me to eat whenever I felt hungry, rather than trying to ignore or suppress my hunger.

Eating well no longer feels like a chore; in fact, being able to nourish my body this way feels like a huge relief and I have so much more energy than I did before. I can't say enough positive things about working with Anne and would recommend her to anyone who shares these struggles."  

- Julia Z., 31 years old 

I began working with Anne because I knew that my relationship with food was severely damaged. I was constantly hopping from one fad diet to another, none of which ever worked, and I felt immense stress when it came to eating meals, both at home and in social settings. I had a lot of 'food fears' and issues with self-sabotage, and had absolutely no confidence when it came to body image and self-care.

After working with Anne for several months, I feel so much more comfortable around food because she gave me the tools that I needed to determine what my body really wants: what foods feel good, fuel me, and nourish not only my body but also my soul.

I also have so much more compassion for myself and the journey that I am on. I never thought that I could be an 'Intuitive Eater', but with Anne's constant support and understanding, she was able to help me move forward on this path and create a new life for myself. I am beyond grateful that I had the experience of working with her!

- Stephanie G., 28 years old

"Working with Anne has not only helped me from a nutritional standpoint by becoming healthier, it has helped me live a fuller life!  Not only did Anne help me with my relationship with food and exercise, the lessons I learned drastically changed my relationships with others and my self-confidence. 

I am no longer living life with food and/or exercise rules that I must follow. 

I learned that I can really trust my body, enjoy food, enjoy exercise, and more importantly spend my time thinking about what really matters to me… my family and friends. Anne helped me discover what balance means to me.  I now know I can be a much better version of myself.  A happier, healthier one! Thanks, Anne!"  

- Jen N., 35 years old

"Working with Anne helped remove so much stress from my life. When I first met Anne I was calorie counting, exhausting myself with daily battles over food, sacrificing sleep in favor of intense workouts and dreading work or social situations that involved food and drinks.

I didn't realize just how stressful my relationship with food had become.

After consistently working with Anne I feel more comfortable around food, and I've learned to balance fun workouts and sleep. By focusing on intuitive eating - which Anne explained in such a simple and common sense way - no foods are off limits and I've easily navigated day-to-day eating, vacations and the holiday season without stress. Food no longer dominates my happy, healthy and fit life."

- Sally N., 33 years old

"I first came to Anne because I needed help with binge eating. Although my diet was pretty healthy overall, it was full of restrictions that limited ‘bad’ foods. These were the same foods that I would eventually binge on, then the guilt would make me ban them, and then the cycle would start over again. I loved to eat, but hated how out of control food made me feel.

Anne is teaching me how to focus on intuitive eating. Learning how to eat when I am actually hungry seems like something that should come naturally, but it’s actually something really difficult for me.  After I started working with Anne I began to realize how much eating has always been mixed up with other things for me (emotions, boredom, etc.).  Anne and I work together to address my core issues around food not by restricting foods I love or counting calories, but by focusing on what I need to eat, not what to cut out. She helps me with exciting, tasty meal ideas and gives me tools to feel more in control.  

Anne has a great understanding of nutrition, food psychology, and exercise.

She is not only an amazing, supportive nutritionist, but she lives the lifestyle she teaches, which proves to me that a healthy relationship with food is possible."

- Amy H., 33 years old

"Working with Anne over the last year has been extremely helpful. After 20+ years of disordered eating, I am slowly but steadily changing the way I look at food, exercise and my body.

Anne has helped me break down my old habits of negative thinking, body shaming, and fear so that I can lean in to a more realistic, sustainable and gentle way of eating and living. 

I look forward to our sessions and always walk away feeling great."

- Jen L., 32 years old

"I've worked with Anne over the past year to overcome disordered eating, and have transitioned, with her help, to preparing for my first marathon in a healthful way.

Anne's strategy for setting small, achievable goals and her attention to detail have helped me reframe my relationship with food at a comfortable pace. 

In addition to her expertise, Anne is also an excellent role model who lives the message of health and wellness."

- Sue K., 35 years old

"Prior to working with Anne, I felt I had a pretty good grasp on healthy eating and living, but I still wasn't feeling great.

I felt constantly hungry, was often unsatisfied after meals, had unstable energy levels, and experienced bouts of uncontrollable eating. I had no idea what I was doing wrong! So, I reached out to Anne. 

Anne helped me understand that while I was eating the right foods, I wasn't necessarily eating the right foods at the right times. Anne worked with me to troubleshoot the problems I was facing, and with her guidance, I noticed more stable hunger and energy levels within days! I loved working with Anne - I learned valuable information that I know I will use for the rest of my life!"

- Kaitlyn E., 25 years old

"Prior to working with Anne, I was at a point where I needed 1:1 help to overcome a few road blocks, especially making peace with foods I had restricted in the past. Anne had great advice as far as timing of meals, which I had never considered before. Each session we set a few small but meaningful goals; I loved how Anne worked with me to determine those goals so they were attainable and productive.

Anne's gentle wisdom really helped things click for me and To move me forward in my journey to making peace with food. I wouldn't have been able to overcome these obstacles without Anne's help."

- Josie L., 26 years old